High Precision Parts / Electroforming & Etching

Xytech High Precision Parts / Electroforming & Etching

Xytech the total solution provider of :

  • High Precision Metal Parts with no holes: Pin Arrays, Shieldings, Encoder disks.
  • High Precision Metal Parts with micro holes: Inkjet Nozzle Plates, Filtration Sieves & Filters.
  • Packaging design: Co-development of your packaging design 
  • Plastic injection- hybrid overmolding parts

Electroforming is a method to produce metal parts by precise deposition of metals onto patterned substrates. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing absolute accuracy and high aspect ratios.

The Electroforming Process

What the process involves

Electroforming is a metal forming process in which parts are fabricated through electrodeposition on a model, known in the industry as a mandrel.

The process involves passing direct current through an electrolyte containing salts of the metal being electroformed.

The process continues atom by atom until the required electroform thickness is achieved.

Electroforming is very effective when requirements call for complex parts (burr and stress free holes, accurate hole size and sharp edges) extreme tolerances and light weight. 

With courtesy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroforming

With over 20 years of experience, a floor space of 30 acres and over 200 employees we guarantee the best solutions for your success.

Benefits include low-cost, high-quality production, superior precision parts, high repeatability and excellent process control.


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