New 5 ton crane installed in Suzhou

We’ve expanded our capabilities for material handling, assembly and integration

The new 5 ton crane is part of a strategic growth path for XYTECH. It’s located on the first floor of our Suzhou production facility and forms part of a larger XYTECH investment program.The new crane can cover 109sqm of our assembly and integration area.

The installation of the crane came in the nick of time. It was soon needed by one of our new OEM customers. We used it during the pilot build and production start-up of a 2000kg sub assembly.

XYTECH – Module Technologies specializes in contract manufacturer for “high mix – low volume” equipment and sub-systems. Offering a wide range of services including; co-development/cost down engineering, industrialization, best cost sourcing, prototyping, assembly & integration, integral quality and supply chain services.