SCODIX Launches expanded digital enhancement portfolio with XYTECH

Scodix launches expanded digital enhancement port folio of 6 new presses, tailered to industry sectors

Scodix, is the innovative and experienced company in digital print enhancement, with over 400 presses installed around the world. Scodix is now launching one expanded product line that’s been designed to meet the needs of customers across all of these industry sectors.

Whatever the application, enhancement, or budget requirement, Scodix have a solution within this series. Print service providers can choose the press that will best support the future growth of their business.”

Having demonstrated its expertise in equipment for the commercial, packaging and W2P markets, Scodix has developed the Ultra Press Series to fully address the needs of each sector. Scodix CEO, Eli Grinberg, elaborates.

Scodix provider of pioneering digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announces the commercial launch of the next generation of its Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Series, consisting of six presses, each targeted to a specific market segment.

“As turn-key contract manufacturer for high-end electro/mechanical (sub)modules and equipment, XYTECH is very proud to be part of the Scodix supplychain”  according Erwin Streefland, XYTECH Sales Director. “ With our corporation, Scodix is secure of the best quality and global support”

Commercial & Specialty

The Scodix Ultra 1000 and 2000 presses are distinguished by the number of applications available –. The Ultra 1000 delivers accessible digital enhancement whilst the Ultra 2000 offers all Scodix applications on one platform, including automatic polymer switching for superior productivity.


The Scodix Ultra 3000 and Ultra 4000 presses both incorporate Scodix Studio W2P software. Developed with the success of companies such as Shutterfly and District Photo in mind, the Ultra 3000 focusses on Web2Print, whilst the Ultra 4000, allowing larger format substrates and pallet feeders and stackers, is aimed at Web2Pack printers.


The Scodix Ultra 5000 and 6000 both allow the thicker substrates required for packaging applications – up to 2mm – and incorporate industrial pallet feeders and stackers. Whilst the Ultra 6000 offers a larger format, it comes with a simplified range of enhancements.

The six new presses in the series succeed the Ultra 101 and 202, whilst the Scodix E106 press is still available for B1 folding carton applications.






Scodix Ultra 3000, aimed at the W2P market





Scodix Ultra 2000, aimed at the Commercial & Specialty

Grinberg adds, “By launching this segmented product portfolio, Scodix with Xytech as our CM, hope to increase the number of customers that can employ Scodix as this is truly the next era for the Scodix business.”

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