Xytech Module Technologies joins Additive Manufacturing network Flam3D.

Xytech Module Technologies joins Additive Manufacturing network Flam3D.

As an international turn-key contract manufacturer, for high complex (electro) mechanical (sub) modules and systems, Xytech Module Technologies is taking care of customers total supply chain and lean manufacturing, Including: sourcing, co-engineering, module assembling changes implementation and functional testing,

Since 2005 Xytech has been working for large OEM’s in the 2D printing, industrial market as well as in the world of Additive Manufacturing. As such, XYTECH has recently become a member of Flam3D, the independent platform for all stakeholders active in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing in Belgium and The Netherlands.

At Flam3D more than 100 organizations have joined the platform and engage in networking and disseminating expertise. These organizations represent almost the entire 3D ecosystem: suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, manufacturing companies that use additive or hybrid manufacturing, schools and research institutes. Through Flam3D, its increasingly important for companies to look for the right contacts and knowledge within their network.

As an OEM supplier in the Additive Manufacturing sector, there certainly is added value for Xytech in joining the Flam3D network.

On the leftside mr Kris Binon (Director Flame3D) on the right Erwin Streefland (Sales Director Xytech)